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Direct Mailing Services


We all know direct mailing marketing is the pioneer of marketing. When the internet wasn’t around, the only way to market your business was in print. Eventoday, is still very effective for advertising your business. This marketing strategy allows you to target certain demographics of people depending on who your niche prospects are.

So why do Direct Mailing Marketing?

  • - It’s easier for customers to understand.
  • - Direct Mail is more memorable.
  • - Mailing helps you target a certain demographic group.
  • - People look forward to getting their mail every day because they love to see new specials, offers and discounts.
  • - Great form of branding yourself and exposing your business.


Here at To2 Marketing Firm, we do Residential and Commercial. You can target certain neighborhood households or you can market directly to businesses. Providing strategic content and a unique mind blowing design, your message will be seen.

Let us do a strategic Direct Mail Marketing Plan for you. Remember, anything that you do for your business is an INVESTMENT. LET’S WORK!!!
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